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LPJacques Studio
3D Digital creation
 + 3D printing
Art - Fashion - Design

Bringing life to unexpected ideas.

Our studio based in France near Paris is working for many years for the creation of artworks and high-end products distributed worldwide. We offer a unique professional performance in the field of excellence. We are specialized in the production of 3D printed parts. You will have a single contact for your entire project, from the development of the idea to the production of the series.

Public references

Design of high-end gifts for the launch of a new luxury hotel in Asia. Example of different possibilities of 3D printing, materials and finishes.

Creation of a 3D video universe based on the 2D creations of the Stilyst Anastasia Ruiz. And design of the 3D floral decorations of the 8 bags of the collection "The Garden of Azria" in 3D printing for the brand Puzle Paris.

Creating 'signature' sculpted golf clubs, metal fusion 3D printed in stainless steel and cobalt chrome for Grismont Paris . Alliance of graphic design, performance and high-end finishes.

Creating 'signature' colored version of the Al Noor mosque of Dubai,Accurate modeling and graphic design on 3D mapping.

Modeling a scores of sculptures for Mathieu Briand Melbourne, 3D printed in polyamide SLS in limited editions featured in the collector book: 'Details: inhuman sculptures' (ISBN: 978-2-918399-02-5).

Signature creation of a lamp-sculpture and event goodies in SLS polyamide 3D printing for the 25th anniversary of Inital Prodways Paris . Demonstrating the potential of 3D printing through complex modeling.

Founders & Artists

Linlin and Pierre-Yves

After several years of experiences in the creation of artworks and personalized products, we are now building on our online shop and our partners. 

We enjoy working with innovative solutions making our work more exciting day by day. From traditional and digital arts training, we are passionate about art, the world of design and creation of exceptions. We like to share, compare and review new ideas to be born.

Media releases

Add a unique signature to your products!

Here are the various divisions of our company:

Idea developments

You need to formalize an idea, come talk to us. We can then discuss and refine your project to create an original product that matches the vision of your development.


According to your specifications, we will help you design an aesthetic and functional product. We will take into account the various constraints and we will send various proposals.

Pure Creation

Composed of a specialized designer in fine art and digital design and a 3D designerspecialized in detailed modeling and photorealistic visual production, our team will respond to your wishes and produce original creations!

Study & Prototyping

Through our network of partners, we will study the materials and resistances of your future products in collaboration with a competent engineering office. We will use modern prototyping tools, allowing you to touch the creation within days.

Mass production

For your production projects in series, or even unique, we will optimize the production process of our products.

3D visual creation

In addition, we can create 3D models, photorealistic packshots, presentation videos clips or advertising clips. Interactive 3D applications on website, even in virtual or augmented reality!

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