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Sculpture Goldfishes Triptych

10 000€ tax incl.
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‘Goldfishes’ is a triptych of mural sculptures from our digital universe and finely 3D printed with handmade finishes of art from the workshop. Limited edition signed and numbered by the hand of the artist.


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This work of art is inspired by Asian origins of our duo. It reflects a vision where the animal can not be captured by humans. A best future for each beings. This deep ultramarine for these unsung abyss almost impossible to imagine. Gold mark this natural wealth. Facing the foolishness of men for marine species too often over-exploited. Nature is a divine gift and it must be respected. This world is primarily marine and place of the birth of life.
TypeSculptures Artwork (triptik)
Limited editions8 numbered artworks (art certificate joined)
Hauteur (cm)40
Largeur (cm)140
Profondeur (cm)25
Poids (kg)6
Materials24K gold plated / Ultramarine blue painted / 3D printed resin.
LeadtimeAround 20 and 30 business days and express delivery worldwide with online tracking