Sculpture Bird Travel

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‘Bird Travel’ of the ‘Animal-lace’ art collection is a small 3D printed decorative table sculpture representing a girl traveling in a bird carrying this being fragile to new horizons..


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Between dream and reality, this ship travel reflects our spirit of freedom, ready to flew away, but never far from our hearts, reminding us of our unique relationship. Unique artwork made in one block without assembly. 3D printed with nylon polyamide. Winner of the 2013 i.materialise contest 'inspired by birds' in collaboration with the fashion stylist Melinda Looi.
TypeSculpture Artwork
Limited editions8 numbered artworks (art certificate joined)
Hauteur (cm)19
Largeur (cm)12
Profondeur (cm)14
Poids (kg)3
MaterialsWhite polyamide with smooth touch
LeadtimeAround 8 and 12 business days and express delivery worldwide with online tracking
Included in packageIron piedestal: 50 cm height and 20 cm square base