Sculpture Bear

3 000€ tax incl.
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‘Bear’ of the ‘Animal-lace’ art collection is a 3D printed wall sculpture with architectural patterns illuminated by a compact lighting creating a spectacular light atmosphere.


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When the wild beast meet the sweet warmth. The animal-lace collection revisits the hunting trophy with another artistic sensibility. In contrast with classic taxidermy. This creation honors these species which should continue being part of this world. At the corner of a fireplace the magic happens. The atmosphere created by these sculptures is captivating. Beauty of animal forms purity of white strength of lines and its projected shadows. It brings softness and poetry.
TypeSculpture Artwork
Limited editions8 numbered artworks (art certificate joined)
Hauteur (cm)27
Largeur (cm)22
Profondeur (cm)24
Poids (kg)1
MaterialsWhite painted patterns on 3D printed polyamide
LeadtimeAround 15 and 20 business days and express delivery worldwide with online tracking
Included in package4W Candle LED Bulb for projections with E14 holder and 3m long cable with switch kit